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Grab a big cup of coffee + join me for a little ‘coffee chat’ about beauty.

I have said it over + over again, but I am by no means a beauty blogger. When it comes to getting ‘face ready’ I need all the help I can get, especially now that my hair is blue! Who knew that dying your hair an entirely new hue would lead to an entirely new makeup struggle. Lucky for me I have had the chance to try a ton of new products + services and decided to review all of them in a little beauty roundup.


[Glossier: Phase 1 Set]

Glossier is a highly edited collection of products curated to have you face perfectly primed. I received this set about two weeks ago + have found myself reaching for the products everyday throughout the day. My favorite from the set is the Soothing Face Mist. Made with roses + aloe to hydrate + soothe, I spray this product as a makeup refresher + midday pick-me-up almost every afternoon and right before I head out for the night.


I couldn’t tell you how many times I have come home from Sephora with a black + white bag of mistakes. Makeup is not an easy buy, but my friends at choix have created a process that is painless + will help you avoid coming home with a bag full of mistakes!

Choix will let you choose the makeup samples you want to try + let you try on enough sample product to determine whether or not that product lives up to a standard you are happy with! Sampling products is key + choix has managed to create an easy + authentic service to ensure that you purchase a product that you love. When they created my sample box, they even listened to my ‘blue hair issues’ and sent over some killer products to compliment my blue weave! For $20 a month you can sample 5 products and earn a $10 credit to purchase the product you love directly from choix.


Now, when you have a major event + have zero confidence in your ability to get yourself ready you call Vênsette .

Book a Vênsette hair + makeup artist to your door in three quick steps.

1. Browse the Vênsette Menu and choose the makeup and / or hairstyle to inspire your final look via the app or web.

2. Choose your visit time, location and payment method. No cash to worry about (Hello, this is like uber for hair + beauty).

3. A professional artist comes to you + completes each service in 45 minutes or less. It’s that easy!

Not only was my Vênsette artist an absolute doll, she also recommended some major products + solved one of my major beauty problems! My lack of sleep + glorious genes have created some major dark circles under my eyes. Thanks to my Vênsette artist I learned that I needed a concealer with an orange tone. Within 5 minutes she erased my dark circles, I was in love + purchased this concealer in no. 3!


[Pinrose: Merry Maker]

A lady can’t leave the house without the perfect scent + Pinrose has made the process painless. Simply take their scent match synesthesia quiz + discover your perfect scent or try them all with the sample starter kit. Their goal is to create effortless joy in scent discovery + trust me this is easy!

After trying all of the scents Pinrose has to offer, Merry Maker selected me. According to the Pinrose description for Merry Maker: radiates sunshine with a refreshing blend of nectarine, rose, and plum. This scent is fresh, fabulous + affordable too!

Beauty school was not easy but, I learned a lot + have nailed down my tried + true favorites below.


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