Beauty: The BKR Paris Water Balm Joins The BKR Family

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San Francisco lifestyle blogger KatWalkSF shares her BKR spiked glass water bottle and BKR Paris water balm.

“Drinking water is the most important part of your beauty regimen,” BKR founders Tal Winter and Kate Cutler.

I had a chance to sit down with the duo (best friends since law school) at their San Francisco headquarters last week to learn all about BKR and their entry into the beauty industry with the BKR Paris Water Balm. The BKR founders set out to create a beautiful alternative to plastic bottles that would make staying hydrated more enjoyable. The result: sleek, celeb-favorite glass bottles wrapped in soft silicone in a rainbow of runway-inspired hues – I went with the Spiked Tutu 16 oz style.

I’ve always known it was important to drink water throughout the day, but there was one soundbite from my conversation with the founders of BKR that really stood out for me. Tal shared that she used to always keep a case of plastic bottled water in the trunk of her car. This sounded normal to me, in fact, I had a case of Trader Joe’s water in my trunk at that very moment. But once she started breaking down just how disgusting it was to have a case of water in plastic in your hot trunk all day I was sold on actually using the case of reusable water bottles I have collecting dust underneath my kitchen sink. We all have reusable water bottles and bags scattered around our homes and cars, right? But do you actually use them? My mother is the only person I know who uses her reusable bags EVERY time she goes to the store!

Ok! So now we’ve established that these water bottles are stunning and that the case of plastic water bottles in my drunk HAD to go. But what about the beauty element? Where are we going with this?

Well, just when you thought you’ve seen it all the ladies of BKR blew my mind when they introduced me BKRto the BKR Paris Water Balm. What is it? It is an ultra-hydrating glossy lip treatment made from a proprietary complex of rose, algae, and essential biolipids with a natural French rose scent – AKA a that attaches to your BKR bottle. It is vegan, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, and formulated without gluten. BKR also created an innovative cap designed to connect the Water Balm to the BKR bottle. The balm itself is easily removable, so you can slip it into a bag whenever your BKR isn’t with you – which is never, but a nice option.

San Francisco fashion blogger KatWalkSF in Lorna Jane and BKR.

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San Francisco fashion blogger KatWalkSF in Lorna Jane and BKR.

San Francisco fashion blogger KatWalkSF in Lorna Jane and BKR.

San Francisco fashion blogger KatWalkSF in Lorna Jane and BKR.

San Francisco fashion blogger KatWalkSF in Lorna Jane and BKR.

KatWalkSF and Two Peas in a Prada in the Outdoor Voices Flamingo 7/8 Springs Legging with their BKR water bottle and BKR Paris Water Balm.

Yes, I’ve managed to tote my BKR Paris Water Balm + Bottle all around town. From SoulCylce to running errands in my hood to lounging around the Marin Country Mart with Ashley (in matching Outdoor Voices looks) – the BKR bottle has proven to be a worthy investment for my lifestyle and it seriously upped my beauty regime.

KatWalkSF in the Outdoor Voices Flamingo 7/8 Springs Legging and Frances Valentine cardigan.

KatWalkSF and Two Peas in a Prada in the Outdoor Voices Flamingo 7/8 Springs Legging

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  1. Wow these water bottles are awesome! I would love to have one as we adventure around exploring the country! That lip balm sounds amazing too! Right now we are in the Rocky Mountains and my lips are out of control!!!

  2. That sounds like such a great product! Love how cute that water bottle is too!

  3. This reusable water bottle is absolutely adorable! The spiked detail and the pretty pastel pink is so perfect for me too.

  4. I am definitely guilty of leaving plastic bottles in my car! I know I shouldn’t do it! Thanks for giving us a great alternative! Obsessed with how cute these bottles are and I love your matching set!

  5. What a cool color for a water bottle! I haven’t seen many designs like this. And these are such cute photos…love your editing style!

  6. That water bottle is too cute! I’m also loving your workout looks!

  7. Ummmm gimme gimme. I need that bottle (and balm) in my life. The genius of having a balm attached to my water bottle just makes me swoon. I always have my water bottle with me, and my lip balm, so this is an excellent idea!

  8. Those water bottles are the best!! I bought a few last year and use them ALL the time!!

  9. ive never seen this before but they look awesome. i need one of these now.

  10. Those water bottles are so fun! I just donated a bunch of my re-usable water bottles, so perhaps adding one more to my limited collection won’t hurt lol! Great post and definitely a great reminder to drink more water 🙂

  11. I like your athleisure outfit here, looks fabulous! Yeah water is life.

  12. I really love the bottle – what a fun design! I am an avid water drinker and am always looking for new bottles. Adding this to my birthday wish list!

  13. What cute pointy water bottles they are. I actually use my water bottle a lot because I do Kung Fu. lol

  14. Ooooh how fun! Love that! This post and all these pics are sooo cute!


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