Barefoot Dreams Blanket Review

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Add the ULTIMATE cozy detail to your living room or bedroom décor with the irresistibly soft blanket from Barefoot Dreams.

Made from sumptuous microfiber for around-the-clock cuddling, nothing compares to a Barefoot Dreams blanket.

Barefoot Dreams FAQs

barefoot dreams blanket review


Absolutely! I wash mine on a cold gentle cycle and tumble dry low. Although it doesn’t feel the same as it does in-store when you buy it, it’s still just as cozy two years later. They suggest avoiding fabric softeners.


If you’re a homebody (it’s 2020, we are ALL homebodies) or you love to curl up on the couch under a blanket every night, without any hesitation I think it’s worth it. I sleep with it every night if Benji doesn’t steal it from me!

When I think about how many days I’ve used it, the cost per wear is actually very low!

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