An Ode To a Hotel Robe

If there are two things I have learned from my girl Sophia it’s:

1. You get what you get and you don’t get upset


2. As soon as you check in to a hotel, put on the hotel robe and relax.IMG_0071(Windsor Court Hotel, New Orleans)

There is just something about stripping down after a long day of traveling into a plush, luxurious hotel robe. Now, this is not something I learned from years of traveling. This is a behavior I learned from my girl Sophia. She has known from day 1 that the ultimate way to relax is to throw on a hotel robe, jump into a hotel bed and open up a book! And so I present to you, my ode to a hotel robe! The best gift you will receive from your hotel…ever!


(Shangri-La, Paris)

Cheers from Paris in a hotel robe! (Why am I not there now?)

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