A Strong Shoulder-Are shoulder pads ok?

KatWalkSF Military Look

Are shoulder pads ok to wear? That is the question.

I snagged this Isabel Marant jacket during a Barneys Warehouse sale blackout without even realizing that it came with ‘a very strong shoulder.’ I have played around with it over the past couple of weeks (thanks to their FINAL SALE return policy) and can’t decide if I look ridiculous or not!

Some people also say that shoulder pads gave women a greater sense of confidence because they were portrayed as strong because shoulder pads gave the illusion of bigger, stronger shoulders; is that a true reason?

So, what do you think? Do I look stronger, fashionable or rediculous?

KatWalkSF Military Look

KatWalkSF Military Look

KatWalkSF Military Look

KatWalkSF Military Look

KatWalkSF Military Look

KatWalkSF Military Look

What I Wore:

Jacket: Isabel Marant, Janey Sateen Peplum Jacket.

Obsessed with this one from Marissa Webb…when I win the lotto!

Top: ASOS via Poshmark. Love this peplum here.

Jeans: BDG, Easy Rider Grazer-still available in gry.

Shoes: Sophia Webster x J. Crew, Amma Pump

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Aviator


  1. The shoulder pads could be a bit much. I really think it’s the attitude you rock it with that pulls anything off.

  2. Wow! The padded shoulder jackets are back!
    What have caught my eyes were your cool sunglasses and the gold heels, I think they are super cool!!

    Vivienne X

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