These $39 Birkenstocks Are All You Need For Summer

Fashion blogger KatWalkSF wears the $39 Birkenstocks at the Meritage Napa Hotel.

Update ->-> These sandals are STILL the only sandal you need in your wardrobe, but since I wrote this post last year the price has gone up to $45

All you need for summer is a BOLD statement, but I 100% stand behind it! My favorite boho sandals got a sporty UPGRADE from Birkenstock, masters of comfort since 1774. Their iconic cushioned sandal was revised in allover rubber-like texture with sleek adjustable straps designed to exercise foot and leg muscles while providing comfort. At the ripe old age of 32, comfort is key and honestly the main selling factor in a summer sandal for me. The contoured footbed absorbs shock and mimics the shape of a healthy foot, while pronounced medial and metatarsal arches support the instep and ball of your foot.

I snagged these $39 Birkenstocks at the beginning of last summer and haven’t looked back. I own them in the white color and just like last summer they are selling out quickly. I know white summer sandals sound scary and NOT very practical, but these sandals are so easy to clean. Just grab a magic eraser, scrub them down and they will look brand new.

The white color SELLS OUT FAST!


Are they comfortable? Do you need to break them in?

Yes! They are comfortable, but you do need to break them in like most sandals. I wear these sandals 24/7 and after a couple of wears, you are good-to-go!

How do you keep the white so clean?

MAGIC ERASER! I use a magic eraser on every white service.

I also just discovered the Jason Markk ‘Essential’ Shoe Cleaning Kit. This magical kit is excellent on the Birkenstocks and sneakers.

I’ve seen them at Target for $14.99 -> What’s the difference?

Comfort and quality! Spend the extra $30 and get the real sandals! I tried the Target version last summer and it just wasn’t worth it.

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