SENREVE Handbag Revival

SENREVE Handbag Revival


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The Event You’ve Been Waiting For

I’ve been a Senreve girlie for YEARS and the Senreve Handbag Revival is a sale that you can NOT afford to miss! Shop ALL of my favorite handbags at up to 50% off twice a year.


Senreve truly does it ALL ->


Senreve is bringing back their most popular sustainability event: Handbag Revival. While traditional luxury brands discard and destroy excess products, Senreve has made a commitment to you, and to the environment, that we will never do the same.


For a limited time only, they’re offering a selection of gently handled bags (such as samples from photoshoots and pieces from our showroom) up to 50% off. These popular styles have sold out very quickly (in a matter of hours) in the past, so be sure to take advantage of this special pricing while it’s still around.


mint tulle amazon top and senreve alunna bag

Alunna Bag | Ice

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Mini Maestra | Pebbled Ice

Fashion blogger KatWalkSF holds the SENREVE Voya Tote.

Voya Tote | Pebbled Cream

Maestra Bag | Pebbled Chestnut

Senreve Handbag Revival

Aria Belt Bag | Dragon Storm

The Square Toe Chelsea Boot, Everlane Shoes, Everlane Boots, Staud Cardigan, Staud Dress, Senreve Belt Bag, KatWalkSF

Aria Belt Bag | Pebbled Chestnut

Senreve Handbag Revival, Senreve Belt Bag, Katwalksf, Kat Ensign, Chloe Sandals

Coda Belt Bag | Mimosa Fuschia 

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